Thursday, October 20, 2016

Proof wall to wall carpeting can be gorgeous

Growing up in an old farmhouse, we always had hardwood floors, so it would be hard for me to go to carpet I think.  That being said, wall to wall carpet does have it's advantages.  Nothing beats it's coziness underfoot, and when you have an infant who spends his day on the floor, under butt.  Also, if you live in a rental, wall to wall carpeting might be what your stuck with.  So fear not, or rejoice - wall to wall carpeting can be just as gorgeous as hardwood floors.

Wall to wall sisal carpet paired with the black walls looks so sophisticated!
via Design Sponge

If I were to ever go the carpet route I would want something with a modern texture in a neutral shade.
via Pinterest via Houzz

In this neutral bedroom the carpeting adds another layer of rich texture.
via Pinterest via Great Interior Design

Loving these grays with the pops of yellow.
via Focus...Damn it!

How dreamy and lush is this dressing room walk-in closet with diamond patterned carpet?
via Design Sponge

Pretty pretty gold bamboo bed frame with a minimal geometric patterned carpet in gray keeps things crisp.
via Design Sponge

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A touch of vintage: Rooms full of history, beauty and character.

So I discovered a new (to me) blog, The Vintaquarian, that I love.  I cannot stop looking.  Below is just a taste of the beauty to behold there.

A gallery wall of mirrors, a daybed sofa with tassel fringe. swoon.

What an amazing view from a cozy window seat.

I really like the large windows in this dining room.

A little vignette of succulents and crystals.

This chair is a work of art.

The mirror and rug are my favorite part of this room, but I like all of it.

A cozy home library.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Oh what a rug can do: Space transforming rugs

I'm not getting tired of seeing the amazing ways designers are incorporating oriental rugs - both antique and modern spins, into homes.  Some trends I get tired of, but this one I can't get enough of.  Granted, oriental rugs are a classic, so even if they fall out of favor for a little bit, I know they'll be back.

This antique oriental rug makes this foyer.  The reds add so much warmth while the white furniture and walls keep the entryway fresh.

It's not often one sees an oriental rug in pink, but isn't it perfect in this bedroom?  A lot of modern reproductions combine traditional patterns in bright colors.

A small rug still makes an impact but still allows wide plank hardwood floors to take center stage.

Wow.  What an amazing island.  I love the gold fixtures with the warm wood. 

Oriental rugs are also great for adding pops of color in white or neutral interiors.

Do you have any oriental rugs in your home?  We have one from Iran in our master bedroom that is perfect against our lavender walls.

All image via Kate Marker Interiors

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why you shouldn't neglect your hallways

It's not a new idea to utilize your hallways and not let them be wasted space, but some - myself included- are still guilty of this.  Now that the weather is cooling we will be spending more time indoors, therefore freeing up time to show your halls some love.

A lot of the examples below are foyers, but entryways often pose similar design conundrums as halls, and similar solutions.
via Pinterest 

 I love that this hallway is so glamorous but gets cheeky with the addition of a giant framed chalkboard.
via Pic toViral

Our hallway is narrower than this one, no kidding.  Wainscoting and a lovely collection of framed art give this hallway a studied feel.

 So, this hallway is all about amazing bones.  The vaulted ceiling is so pretty.  The horizontal shiplap creates a sense of length.
via ?

 I love a round table in the middle of an entry.  It boasts - "hey look at all the space I have!"  It is not a boast I can make.
via Fresh Designpedia

If you have enough width in your hall to allow it, built-ins or shelves are a great way to display more than art or serve as additional storage.
via Foter

Traditional and pretty.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Style the perfect bed for Fall

Now that the temperatures are dropping (*tear), it means I've been pulling out heavier blankets for warmth during the cool nights.  I thought it would be a good time to dig up some inspiration for dressing your bed for fall.

Just because you're piling on layers doesn't meed your be can't be tailored.  Go for crisp sheets and graphic patterns.
via Pinterest via Flickr

I like the mix of elegance from the velvet stools and headboard mixed with the preppier pattern and color of the pillows.
via Gallerie B

Folding over your flat sheet, topping it with a thin quilt, and then topping it with a warm duvet is a great way to have the warmth you need but ability to cool off a bit if you need to.
via Gallerie B

via Apartment Therapy

Good bones in this bedroom and bold graphic bedding is the perfect combination in this black and white bedroom.
via ?

Lots of pattern in pretty shades of blue make even this small bedroom welcoming.
via Apartment Therapy

Even a modern black and white bedroom can look cozy with high contrast bedding.
via Inside Out


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